Top 5 Coolest Pools in the World

Now is the best time to soak up the the last of the hot weather and take a dip in the nearest pool. We don’t mean just any pool. From two-level infinities to rooftop soaking, these pools are the coolest spots to dip, dive and float any time of year.

Hanging Gardens of Bali

Pool at Hanging Gardens of Bali
Photo Courtesy of Hanging Gardens of Bali

Float above the treetops in this spectacular infinity pool. Located at the Hanging Gardens of Bali resort, this pool was designed by a specialist architect to suspend over the dense rainforest, overlooking the Ayung River. Looking to take a dip in private? Each villa has its own mini-version.

Le Crans Hotel and Spa, Switzerland

Pool at Le Crans Hotel and Spa, Switzerland
Photo Courtesy of Le Crans

While the Swiss Alps are covered in snow, the outdoor pool at Le Crans Hotel and Spa is heated to a toasty 93° F. Built to resemble the classic chalet-style, this pool sits on the back deck of the hotel, giving you gorgeous panoramic views of the Alps and Mount Blanc while you soak.

Sky Park Hotel, Singapore

Pool at Sky Park Hotel, Singapore
Photo Courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

Experience the best of both worlds in this spectacular rooftop infinity pool. While you take a swim on the roof of Sky Park Hotel’s 57-story building, you can also soak in the breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline. This is one for the bucket list!

San Alfonso del Mar, Chile

Pool at San Alfonso Del Mar, Chile
Photo Courtesy of The Daily Beast

The pool at San Alfonso del Mar holds the current record as the world’s largest crystalline pool. Extending 1,000 meters in length and holding 250 million liters of water, this pool is more than just upkeep. Located on a private resort, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the cool waters.

Mardan Palace, Turkey

Pool at Mardan Palace, Turkey
Photo Courtesy of Jet Setter

The pool at Mardan Palace is so much more than your typical pool. Imagine an enormous oasis surrounded by water channels accessible by crossing the Da Vinci Bridge. Located in Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey, this pool was awarded the best swimming pool in Europe. We have no doubt that you will agree.