Top Wellness Retreats in 2018

What better way to kick off the New Year than with some self-care! To truly reset and recharge, try checking into one of the top wellness retreats in the world, from Malaga’s leading yoga center to Abu Dhabi’s desert retreat.

Molino del Rey, Malaga, Spain

Molino del Rey, Malaga
Photo Courtesy of Molino del Rey

Located in the natural reserve of Sierra de las Nieves in Andalusia,  Molino del Rey began as a yoga center in 1994. Built by hand, this center has transformed into the best yoga retreat in Spain. It offers a wide range of activities such as yoga, detox, meditation, mindfulness and well-being courses. There are 22 guest beds with en-suite balconies and tea making facilities. Molino del Rey is set in a Spanish hamlet community surrounded by traditional country life. The retreat atmosphere is perfect for helping you reconnect with your inner self.

Amatara Wellness Resort, Phuket, Thailand

Amatara Wellness Resort, Phuket
Photo Courtesy of Amatara Phuket

Regain your well-being while enjoying the best coastal views in Phuket. At the Amatara Wellness Resort you can indulge in one of six all-inclusive holistic wellness retreat programs. Accommodations include organic nutritional food and personalized wellness and activities. All programs include the Thai Hammam experience, which brings together traditional Turkish and Moroccan bathing practices with Thai spa therapies. The Amatara Wellness Resort is 45 minutes away from the Phuket International Airport, at the beautiful Cape Panwa.

Alma Retreat, Abu Dhabi

Alma Retreat, Abu Dhabi
Photo Courtesy of Hotel and Rest

Designed to inspire your mind, motivate your body and unlock your creativity, the Alma Retreat is located in the beautiful desert of Ras al-Khaimah, inside the Bedouin Oasis Camp. Stay in the sustainable cabins designed for simplicity and comfort with en-suite bathrooms. There is a dedicated outdoor gym and the nearby dunes are used for circuit and high intensity training.  Your stay also includes a sweat lodge, 6-person ice bath and fresh vegan cuisine. The Alma Retreat runs every weekend in January through June and on weekdays there are tailor-made corporate and programs and group events.